Sepahan behbood (Private Joint Stock) Co. was established in 2000 with the purpose of manufacturing medical equipment.about the end of 2000,at the direction of industrial and economic independence policies and fo the aim of improving technology,for quality systems espe cially in the section of manufacturing medical tools and equipment took continuou sactions to establish a factory for the objective of production and in the same year(2000)succeeded to obtain the license forestablishing the factory. This factory was established on the basis of the rulesand regulations of the article 13 of the law concerning production of health products approved in 1967 and executive rules of the above article.
In 2001 following obtaining exploitation permit and license from the Ministry of health , and Treatment , the First Phase of the factory was inaugurated in the presence of some of the authorities of the factory.
Thereafter ,with the endeavors of the quality control section and technical staff of the factory and also the manager of the factory and with this belief that the final aim of creation and life is to achieve quality , while implementing quality control system in the organization , and attempt to achieve standards acceptable for the bureau of standardization and industrial .
Research , at the beginning of 2003 succeeded to obtain the standard seal . At present the productions of Sepahan Behbood are presented under the trade mark of pasar and Sepahan Behbood and S.B.P with standard seal at ideal conditions and standards indicated by the Bureau of standardization and industrial research and under supervision of quality control staff of the factory .
In 2004, three years after starting up of the first phase of the factory, the second and the third phases were put into operation thanks to God as well as the efforts made by the technical staff. At present , all production lines of this of unit are manufacturing products with the highest capacity and now it is the only striled bandages factory which does the whole process of weaving , washing, packing and completing in the factory sit and has the best process.
It is noteworthy to know that among other achievments of this company there is getting international medical standard ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and specially getting europe CE standard in 1388. Sepahan Behbood was selected as the sample unit of standard company and industrial investigations in 1389 and as chosen unit of industries (receiving golden phoenix) in 1390 and as the best unit by standard company and industrial investigations in 1390 and received a letter. in 1391, Sepahan Behbod was selected as the best unit and received a letter and an icon in a medical devices and equipments sitting. As a result of fundamental actions, Sepahan Behbood also succeed to receive the title of environmentalist manufacturer and got ISO 14001.
Now this manufacturing unit uses more than 120 productive and operative staff among whom there are many technical supervisors whose education is related to productive subject of company. Sepahan Behbood is one of the greatest productive companies in this field.


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List of productions of Sepahan Behbood Co :

heart meter Various types of mesh(ear, nose and vaginal)

heart meter Various types of peanut(ear, nose and vaginal)

heart meter All types of hydrophilic gauze balls simple and with x-ray

heart meterTypes of wound dressings in different sizes and with different lengths

heart meter Various types of wound dressings in different dimensions and lengths

heart meter All types of dentistry gauze in different die-cut and kilograms packaging

heart meter Types of elastic burn dressing in various sizes and with different lengths

heart meter Types of simple burn dressings in different sizes and with various lengths

heart meter Types of fixation bandages Fixa-crepe(burn) in various sizes and with different lengths

heart meterTypes of orthopedic elastic bands in various sizes and with different lengths. with low, medium and high pressures

heart meter Types of protective, pressure dressings in various sizes and with different lengths, with low, medium and high pressures

heart meterTypes of Lon gauze including : Barium Lon gauze and ringed 2 , 3 , 4 and 6 folds in different measurements 30*40 , 40*45 and 50*70

heart meter All types of sterile gauze in different dimensions ,packed with standard two-fold in Polymer and medical paper covers sizes of 5*5,7.5*7.5,10*10

heart meter All types of simple dressing gauze including : dressing gauze with measurements of:5*5cm,7.5*7.5cm,and 10*10cm,with 8 and 12 and 16 folds.

heart meter All types of barium containing dressing gauze including barium containing Dressing gauze with measurements of:5*5cm,7*7cm,and 10*10cm with 8 and 12and 16 folds


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